First Post!

I've had this domain ( forever! According to whois, I registered it on 1998-07-20, which is likely true. I originally registered the domain to write this application which I had in my head. I never wrote it, and this became a vanity domain. Over the years I pointed it to a bunch of random things, most recently a Tumblr account. But, I never really used it for anything of substance or with any consistency.

Recently I quit drinking. 51 days ago, to be exact (yes, I'm counting). I'm sure I'll post a bunch of random things about that in the future, but that's for another day. One of the things about going from drinking regularly to not drinking at all is that I've found that I have massive amounts of free time. Not that drinking (and all the socializing that goes with that) took up all my time away from work before, but it did take up quite a bit. So, after a bit of adjustment, I'm starting to pick up some old hobbies and habits: reading, photography, and hopefully writing a bit more.

There's also another, more geeky goal here. I work at a company where we work with a lot of crazy, cool, modern, and complex technology. And, as time goes by, I'm starting to think a lot more about simplicity. It might be because my experience with the internet goes back so far, but modern approaches to things seem far too complicated for the often times simple things they do. SPAs, Javascript frameworks, OAuth - it all seems like so many moving parts to accomplish things that could be done with very basic, simple, existing tech. So I want to explore a few things that are simple and easy. I'm building this site with Jekyll, which is wildly complicated for what it does, but the output is simple: html, css, and media resources. There's no "server side" to this. It's served up as static files on S3. The only reason I'm using a site generator at all is so that I can have a consistent layout without a lot of work.