New Year

Happy New Year!

It's a new year, and so a good time to think about the previous year and the next, start things and end things - you know the drill.

Last year was a pretty great year for Foundry. We grew a ton, adding three more developers and another designer. Josh left us to work on his startup. We added a few new clients and worked on a bunch of cool projects. In October we moved into an awesome new office (pics to come).

I quit drinking, likely forever. It was a bit of a shock to the system, both in how not shocking it was to my system, and how much my life has changed as a result. I also hit a weight I could no longer justify so I started eating better and losing weight. It's the first time I've really taken care of myself since my divorce, and that's a good thing.

Not much else happened. The days go by faster. Work gets busier. I've been getting my apartment to a place that feels more, I dunno, me.

I'm excited for 2019. Our new project manager is starting on Thursday. My dream client will likely give us my dream project in the first quarter. Things are definitely going our way. I'm also hoping to get back to biking more. Or, at least, doing more this summer.

Another thing I'm hoping to do this year is work on something technical. I had committed to working on, which I will. I also just want to play with some tech. I don't get to code at work anymore. :(